Ceramic Solutions serves a variety of industries:

Heat Treated Metals

Kiln furniture, plates, batts, rollers, tubes and more – we stock a wide variety of the necessary ceramic products you need to get your job done. We specialize in working on custom requests for the correct product, at the best price, when you need it.

Industrial Furnaces

If you need lining bricks, temperature measurement, or tubes we can support your furnace needs. We have over 50 years of experience supporting the needs of professionals. We offer a wide range of materials & products for the high temperature applications of industrial furnaces.

Industrial Kilns

Is your application a shuttle, tunnel, elevator, roller or any other kiln? Then we have the experience and products to support your facility. From lining brick, plates, tubes, and rollers – made from all forms of ceramic. We source the correct product for your application at the best price from around the world.

Ceramic Tile Manufacturing

With the industry moving to the roller hearth kiln we are positioned to support this trend. We stock a wide verity of rollers in numerous dimensions from multiple manufactures. Because of our purchasing power we have access to the lowest prices for your specific application. Do you need mullite, silicon carbide, alumina or something else we can get it and at the cheapest price.

Oil and Gas Fracking
We represent an industry leader in the distribution of ceramic proppants in all sizes and material mixes – four levels of proppants available 1. Lightweight, 2. Intermediate, 3. High Strength, 4. Super High Strength.
Ceramic Electronics

We represent several manufactures in the distributor of various passive electronics

  • Capacitors – electrical and noise removal
  • Resistors – voltage regulation and current management
  • Inductors – smoothing of power circuits.

Each chemical manufacture has specific needs for their production. We have high-density alumina grinding media available in standard alumina purities, sizes, and shapes (ball & cylinders). We can also arrange specifically formulated purities and sizes to match the manufactures needs.


As with most manufactures the pharmaceutical industry is very specific in their grinding media needs. We have ceramic scientists and industry insiders that work to design the best fit high-density alumina grinding media for each customer. These alumina purities can range from (75% – 95%) and they are available in various sizes and shapes (ball & cylinders).


The coatings industry has similar issues to other industries as it relates to the grinding media needs for the manufacture of its coatings and pigments. Paramount in this process is determining the correct mill and then the specific media for that mill. Using the optimal media along with a proper recirculation will avoid hydraulic packing during the grinding process. Our high-density alumina grinding media is available in various sizes, shapes (ball & cylinders), and alumina purities (75% – 95%). It can and is often specifically formulated to each manufacture within the coatings industry.


The cosmetic industry has very specific requirements for the production of their pigments and solids. These materials are used across a vast spectrum of products for lipsticks, powder, creams and they must be properly prepared with the appropriate grinding media. Our scientists work with company specialists and scientist to find the correct media that can be used for your specific cosmetic needs.


As with all industries, Cement is beginning to discover the benefits of the weight advantages in using ceramic grinding media over the traditional steel.  Ceramic grinding media balls are half the density in comparison to steel and this translates to half the weight.  If the ball mill grinding efficiency remains unchanged, power consumption will be decreased.  Less power more money!


The Mining industry is a large consumer of steel grinding media.  With that said we have had great success in working with industry experts to formulize the correct ceramic grinding media for specific applications within the mining industry.  As is often said not all applications are the same and we are here to work with you to determine your specific need and providing the correct product at the right price.