We hope everything you need can be found off the shelf. But we also know that sometimes that just doesn’t happen. For any number of reasons, you may find that a specific part to your operations, “it’s not available anymore.”

That’s where CSI goes above and beyond to fulfill that need – the all-important custom order.


We begin with an initial discussion with the you regarding the product you need. This sets the stage for working together to explore the need fully. We know the market, the questions to ask, the things to verify. At the end of this call, you know you’re in good hands.

Then, we determine the specific needs of the customer by obtaining the dimensions, desired material, technical requirements, drawings, and quantity needed of the product. We work with your maintenence, engeniers, and techs to get the whole picture. Needs become words, words become specs.

Next we confirm with the customer in writing what we have learned from the client about their needs. We come back to you with the very engineering specs that will go on to the manufacturer. Tribal knowledge is replaced with drawings and design specs that eliminate the gray areas, and leave confusion behind.

The search begins. We scour the globe to source the product, matching your needs to the perfect manufacturer. We know this industry. Who’s on top, which has the best tech, the most reliable partners. We bring that knowledge together with a detail understanding of your needs and arrange the ultimate marriage of convenience.

We are with you the whole way. Providing options for product with prices and delivery times; from the manufacture to the customer. We are tracking production, shipping, delivery, and most importantly how well the product serves your purpose.

Need a replacement part that isn't available anymore. Here is the way forward.

Take that first step and contact us about you product needs. Once CSI is engaged, you can be sure results are soon to follow.